Tell your story and engage with your customers

Having a great website and social media presence can be the difference between success and failure.

The Restaurant Industry is the most searched by online devices

It is crucial that your website includes your menu, location map and contact details.

85% of customers search these details online before booking or dining in your restaurant or cafe.

It should also be easy to access from any device – laptop, tablet or mobile

85% of customers accessing information about your business (website, Facebook and review sites) using their Mobile Phone will go on to complete a booking or purchase with 65% making the transaction within an hour!

Doing deals

Don’t give back money, give them something extra
Instead of a 20% discount on a $20 large pizza ($4) offer a free $5 garlic bread.
The garlic bread only costs you $1.50 and your customers feel like they are getting a better deal

Make it measurable so you can gauge effectiveness
If it’s a flyer have them tear off the offer and present it
If it’s on Facebook have them redeem by quoting a code

Make it a Limited Offer to get people to act now
An expiration date of 30 days is good
Early feedback will let you know customers are using your current deal
This also gives you an opportunity to update deals to keep it fresh

Become part of your local community

Communities support businesses that support them

Sponsoring a local Sporting Team, Community Group or Primary School Breakfast Program can not only make you feel good but can be good for business.

By sponsoring the local netball team you have potentially added another 10 + local families to your client base

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