Developing Systems Tip

Quality, consistency and value are the cornerstones of a great hospitality business.

Developing systems will ensure your customers have a great experience every time.

Developing set procedures should give you the same result no matter which staff member takes the order, cooks and plates the meal, or serves the customer.

Create a step-by-step list of these procedures. Laminate and display it and have it checked off by staff so nothing gets missed, everyone is on the same page, and everyone is accountable.

Examples include:

  • Opening procedure
  • Closing procedure
  • Weekly cleaning schedule
  • Kitchen prep list
  • Kitchen order / stock sheet
  • Creating Standard Recipe Cards
    This ensures that every time a dish is cooked it

  • Is cooked using the same recipe (ingredients, amounts, method, temperature)
  • Is the same size
  • Looks the same
  • Costs the same to produce
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